iPhone 7 vs. Samsung S8

In today’s world of mobile devices, there are two names that are always sure to strike the hearts and minds of many: Apple and Samsung. These brands offer the most durable, intelligent, and functional phones today. Along with pre-installed and installable apps, their units can be the ultimate productivity tool for you. This is why numerous services are available today that allow you to unlock your iPhone, or even unlock your Samsung. Doing so will allow you to use any Samsung or Apple phone to its fullest potential and enjoy the latest mobile technologies. 

The latest phones from these brands are the iPhone 7 and the Samsung S8. With these two phones competing with each other, it’s hard not to compare them with one another. Luckily, this is exactly what we’re going to do to help you to find which one is the best for you.

Calling all techies and Apple and Samsung fanatics, this piece is definitely for you all! Below are some of the unique perks you can have when you own either an iPhone 7 or a Samsung S8:

Classic Design vs. A New Look

First up, the iPhone 7’s design is as captivating as ever. Why fix what’s not broken, after all? It has retained many aesthetic features from its predecessor. For instance, it’s almost the almost same size and shape as the iPhone 6s; being 138.3 mm x 67.1 mm x 7.1mm in size; 138g in weight. It has also retained the 3D touch feature which has made the iPhone 6s a productivity beast. Overall, the iPhone 7 is still able to retain its classic look while still being generally appealing.

For the Samsung S8, the difference between it and its predecessors is definitely striking. It comes in a 148.9 mm × 68.1 mm × 8 mm size and is 155g in weight; making it the heavier phone among the two competitors. When it comes to the screen, however, it boasts clearer graphics, a bigger screen (5.8 inches), and new home button design. This button comes in a soft key variant, which allows users to respond to light presses. All in all, the Samsung S8 symbolizes change with a new visual design.

Siri vs. Bixby

While the iPhone 7 has Siri in its arsenal, the Samsung S8 has Bixby. Both Siri and Bixby are virtual assistants. These were made with the intention of being able to provide the user with assistance in doing simple tasks on his mobile phone.

The big difference between the two is that Bixby, though technologically advanced in its own right, can still encounter its fair share of hurdles as it is still a work in progress.

On the other hand, Siri has been tried, tested, and improved over the years to become the extremely useful assistant users love. Additionally, it comes in a sweet voice that makes it comforting to use.

Wireless Earphones vs. DeX

If one were to talk about the key features of any of these phones, it’s no doubt that the iPhone 7 will be up first for discussion. If you’re asking yourself ‘why’, it can surely be answered in two words: wireless earphones. While initially met with mixed reactions from the market, it’s no doubt that the iPhone 7’s wireless earphones can definitely introduce a new and hassle-free way to listen to music. You just have to make sure that you don’t lose them.

While the S8 doesn’t come equipped with wireless earphones, it can be used like a desktop computer! It does this with the help of the S8’s feature known as “DeX”. With a DeX station, you can use the phone’s apps on a desktop just by simply place the S8 on this dock. Imagine using your phone’s functions with a full sized screen, keyboard, and mouse. This allows people be more productive, informed, creative, and even entertained with their S8s.

Key Takeaway

These phones truly stand out among the rest that it’s hard to pick a winner among the both of them. One thing’s for sure though, no matter what you pick among them, these phones will surely satisfy you.

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